Expense Report for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

Thank you for your interest in OmniFY Expense Reports for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, enable users to submit expense reports/expense claims and process reimbursements via Accounts Payables

User can attach receipt images to the expense reports for approvers to view and approve the expenses.

Easy Installation

Add the Extension from Microsoft AppSource to your D365BC Environment

Step 1 : Search for Extensions
Step 2 : Search for OmniFY Expense Reports

Step 3 : Click On OmniFY Expense Report 

Step 4: Click Next

Step 5 : Accept Terms & Conditions and Click Install

After the Installation is successful

Step 6 :

Click Manage and Click on Configure

Step 7:

Select “Allow HttpClient Requests” and start setting up your Extension

  • Search for OmniFY Expense Setup

General Tab

  1. Expense Report Enabled : Click to enable Expense Reports
  2. Default Posting Date : Choose whether the Expense Posting Date should be Work Date, Today’s Date or Blank
  3. Expense Description Mandatory : Enable this to make the Expense Description Mandatory on the Expense Report Line.

Posting Tab

  1. Payment Document Type : Should be defaulted to  “Purchase Journal” – we are working on the ability to create Purchase Invoices
  2. General Journal Template : Select Journal Template Name
  3. General Journal Batch : Select the related General Journal Batch
  4. Tax Posting : User can enter Taxes on Expense Reports
    • Create Tax Lines : When an Approved Expense Report is Posted, the taxes will be created as separate lines in the Journals
    • Add to Line Totals : Tax Amounts entered by the Users will be added to the Expense Amounts entered by the user
    • Do Not Transfer : Tax Lines entered by the Users will be ignored.
  5. G/L Account Tax 1 : Select the G/L Account No. for Tax Posting for 1st type of Tax
  6. Tax Caption : Tax 1 Column Heading to be displayed on Expense Report Lines
  7. G/L Account Tax 2 : Select the G/L Account No. for Tax Posting for 2nd type of Tax
  8. Tax Caption : Tax 1 Column Heading to be displayed on Expense Report Lines
  9. Expense Entry Source Code : Select or Create a Source Code to identify Expense Entries Posted to the G/L

Numbering Tab

  1. Expense Report Nos. : Select No. Series for Expense Reports to Created

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Watch Setup and Entry Videos

Installation & Subscription

Expense Report Setup

Expense Report Entry